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Honestly, what can be more fun than facing off with a group of your closest friends in a Cooking Challenge to finally put to rest who is TOP CHEF in the kitchen?

We will even customize a one-of-a-kind:

  • "World's Best" Chili or Pizza Cook-Off
  • Best Chocolate Chip Cookie/Brownie/Lemon Meringue Pie Bake-Off
  • TOP CHEF 3-Course Meal Challenge
  • Italian / French / Spanish Cuisine & Wine Fete
  • All you need to do is show up with your competitive spirit and your creativity intact and we'll take care of the rest - from bringing the mystery ingredients to the pre-competition hors d'oeuvres & drinks! And, of course, we'll even have a gift for the winning team!


So you want to get together with a group of your closest foodie friends? You all love cooking and wonderful food. But the thought of shopping, prepping, and the dreaded clean-up makes it all a totally unpleasant experience. Well, what if you could have a Gourmet Club Experience with all the good, yet none of the bad?

You can! You do the inviting. You and I plan the perfect menu. 

Then all you need do is show up! My staff and I do all the shopping, and most of the prep work! We show up on the day of the party with all the food and you and your guests get to do the fun stuff! Once the cooking is done you sit down in the dining room, to the table we've set, we'll pour your wine and serve your meal - as though you're in a fine restaurant.  

And the best part - while you're enjoying dinner, we'll be cleaning your kitchen!



Book your next Book or Gourmet Club meeting with a twist!

Book a Cooking Party at your home our our kitchen with For the Love of Food.

Culinary Events will be customized to your group’s budget, goals and interests. For the Love of Food Cooking Parties - "Where Dinner Party meets a Cooking Class!"

Hold your Cooking Party at our beautiful facility in Morrsion, CO- 20 minutes from downtown Denver, just 8 minutes off Route 470.

We accommodate groups of 6 to 120 - or can host a Cooking Party in your home!


What could possibly be more fun than getting up toyour elbows in icing, cake batter and fudge while creating delicious and whimsical cakes, cupcakes, brownies or cookies to pit against your best friends'? This will make you give up boxed cakes for good!

Call Diane at 303.317.7399 or email to set up a date and time for your culinary party!